“As the body becomes steady and at ease, the breath begins to come under control, the mind begins to experience peace and the journey to our true self begins…”

About Us

Coming from an Indian heritage and ethnicity, easing into the traditional Yoga practice was comfortable and fulfilling. The journey may have begun many years back, but we still continue to walk the path, learning and sharing, as the joys and mysteries of this priceless way of life unfold each day.
I was drawn to yoga out of a deep personal interest. Years ago a chance meeting with a senior yoga practitioner introduced me to asanas and pranayama. Pranayama helped me get rid of severe migraines creating in me a strengthened and positive approach to the yoga system. Having practiced and learnt intensive yoga under an expert Indian Yoga teacher in recent years 2010 and 2011 whilst fulfilling the vision of Master M has led to the birth of this center. It is my pleasure to share my love of yoga with others and help them discover the joy of yoga for themselves through this journey together - Shaila

2003 happened to be a very significant year for me, when I had my first meeting with M. This steered my life and took me into the path of yoga, the way of life which I have embraced for the goodness it has to offer.  Lessons on this path came by and the years 2010 and 2011 saw me taking intense training in yoga under the mentorship of a yoga teacher, in Sadum, India.  Being certified to impart this ancient way of life to others, M Yoga center has been set up in Drewvale, Brisbane to shape this dream into a reality - Sheryl