“As the body becomes steady and at ease, the breath begins to come under control, the mind begins to experience peace and the journey to our true self begins…”


M Yoga center had its first public presentation on Yoga and it benefits with the St. John's Ambulance Volunteers on Feb 28th, 2012. The evening took off well, with the audience being introduced to the origins and meaning of Yoga and then taking them through the benefits of this practice. 

There was a very informative session on the effects of Sound and its benefits to the body and mind and also how Pranayama (life force control) helps in bringing about a total sense of well being. 

The presenters engaged the participants with a series of warm ups and a few basic yoga asanas (postures) to give them a practical experience. They also taught the audience 2 effective breathing techniques and finally ending the session with a quick guided relaxation technique which shifted the audience from the usual grind to a place of peace and calm.

The divisional trainer for St. John's Ambulance Service sends forth the following feedback to M Yoga center-

Dear Shaila & Sheryl

Many thanks for the interesting presentation you gave our volunteers. The power point presentation was well presented and to the point. Your interactive modes of educating had even the youngest of the audience listening with great interest. 

Alan (one of our members) stated "The exercise on relaxing took me away from that room to another world with a soft spoken lady's voice and the relaxing music in the background. I now have learnt how to relieve my stress after the day's work".

I'm sure it's an understatement to say you both have put in a fair bit of time and effort to get this together.
On behalf of the Nundah division I thank you for this presentation and we look forward to more in the future.

Melville Braganza
Divisional Trainer,
St John Ambulance Australia- Qld,
Nundah Combined Division