“As the body becomes steady and at ease, the breath begins to come under control, the mind begins to experience peace and the journey to our true self begins…”

Guidelines for You

What to wear - It's best to wear clothing that's loose, comfortable or stretchy, for easy movement. Tight fitting clothing will restrict your movements.

What do I bring - Please bring your own yoga mat to all sessions for hygienic purposes.

Eating - Yoga should be practiced on an empty stomach, please leave at least a  2 hour gap between a meal and a yoga session, or a 1 hour gap if a light snack  or liquid has been consumed.

Punctuality - Try and be punctual to classes; the poses are done in sequence for a reason. Please arrive at least 5-10 minutes early to the class in order to settle down.

Injuries / Medical issues – Please consult with your doctor prior to taking up a yoga class, if you have a permanent injury or condition and seek permission.
Please inform your yoga teacher of any sickness or injury before class, so as to avoid / alter certain poses.

Other tips
Before beginning a yoga class you should empty your bowels and bladder, and clear your nose.
Please do switch off your mobile phones.
We practice bare foot yoga.
Please refrain from wearing strong perfumes / scents and hanging jewellery.

Remember..Yoga is non competitive, respect you own pace, and move forward as and when your body lets you. Be aware of the difference between resistance and feeling pain; one should not feel pain or discomfort while doing yoga. If you do, it could mean you are doing something incorrectly and would need to adjust a pose to suit you better. 

Yoga encourages moderation in everything, thus bringing about a balance in one's life.