“As the body becomes steady and at ease, the breath begins to come under control, the mind begins to experience peace and the journey to our true self begins…”

The Mystical Himalayas and the Autobiography of M

The Himalayas - known for their deep mystical and very high spiritual energy, the mountains where yogis love to wander, welcoming people from all walks of life and ages and nations - adorned with beautiful rivers, trees and flowers. Where life is simple, and peaceful and the air is pure - where one realises the magnificence of the supreme intelligence.

Probably one of the very reasons that M was so attracted to these mountains from a very young age - that at the age of 19 he decides to make a journey that would then change him and the lives of many more he was to meet in the future. 

Read the intriguing story of M in his autobiography - Apprenticed to a Himalayan Master - a yogi's autobiography.

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